Blue Box Partners
March 2016

BBP Germany: We Do What it Says on the Label!

Sustainability is an expansive issue – click to find out what it means at Klingele

What does sustainability have in common with good food, an enjoyable holiday or a fantastic job? The topic generally has positive connotations, but everyone interprets it differently. That’s why we prefer not to beat around the bush! You can now find out exactly how we implement sustainability in our company on our website

Would you like to know which raw materials we use to produce our corrugated cardboard and paper? Or how our energy concept works? Are you looking for a packaging concept that saves resources and reduces costs? Sustainability isn’t just a label for us – it is consistently implemented at every stage of the process, from material procurement all the way to delivery to the customer. 

The term ‘sustainability’ also conveys the notion of a long-term perspective, and this is also precisely why it fits in so well at our family-run company. On a social level, we interpret it as the creation of long-term relations with employees, clients, suppliers and indeed also our regional surroundings. Especially where we live and work, we assume social responsibility and support various projects run by our loyal partners, the aims of whom we also embrace. One example was our Christmas donation to a project organised by the Rotary Club Stuttgart, which funded a range of initiatives including German courses for unaccompanied refugee minors during the first two to three months of their stay. This crucial period is not covered by the current aid programmes. "As a family-run company, further eduction and training is of paramount importance to us, and I was very moved to see how motivated the young people are in their German courses," states Dr Jan Klingele. "Creating new perspectives for them is really worth every single cent."

Dr Jan Klingele

Managing Partner of BBP                                                       and Managing Partner of the Klingele Group