Blue Box Partners
September 2016

BBP Italy: 
BBP and Cart-One –
a Successful Cooperation

Valentina Sada tells us about her passion for corrugated board packaging

Almost two years have elapsed since Cart-One entered into the Blue Box Partners Alliance.

Thanks to this network and the consequent technical and trade exchanges, many more opportunities were created resulting in contacts with international groups. In fact, the latter recognise the strength and extensive presence across Europe of the BBP locations held by family-owned companies that are keen on the growth of their resources; which invest in cutting-edge technologies and innovation and are concerned for the territory.

I have handled corrugated board since I was a little girl. I remember intensely its distinctive smell that invaded our old plant and that always made me feel at home and dreaming about the future. It was love at first sight then, and continues to be for me now a wonderful profession that evolves and changes constantly. Nothing can ever be taken for granted. Ever since I joined the Research and Innovation Team, it has become even more exciting.

Then, with Cart-One and BBP it all became a great reality.

Throughout the two years I have experienced the alliance as efficient and effective. It’s great to see how much the joint effort of the R&D technicians is proactive and operational. The exchange of information and the comparison allow for perfecting the packaging solutions born from shared ideas and improvement in performance. I think these are good elements to create value as well as differentiate ourselves from the competition.

It was a great pleasure for Cart-One and I to host the BBP Innovation Day for the BBP staff and technicians this year in Salerno. It was gratifying to see so many technicians from all over Europe gathered in our factories, learning about our historical culture by visiting the Etruscan Museum and Culinary. The teamwork between the BBP colleagues is very visible and successful. The cooperation makes BBP strong!

Read more about this Technical Seminar on the next article.

Valentina Sada

Marketing Manager of Cart-One